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In this instance, the cement will be used in a pervious concrete application.
We're just getting started on some research at Purdue that would be a concrete sealer and curing agent," says West, "not for pervious concrete, like [C.
Sidewalks have been replaced, including an expanded plaza with pervious concrete, which lets rain drain through.
The Park's design plans incorporated over ten sustainable design features, including: permeable, interlocking concrete pavers for parking areas; pervious concrete sidewalk paving; on-site coastal sage scrub restoration; a native plant palette for landscaping; preservation of existing landforms; recycling of rocks generated from grading used as part of the landscaping; earth-tone colored concrete drainage devices; earth-tone colored structures; an on-site storm water detention basin; and amenities such as benches and playground equipment made of recycled materials.
On the heels of patenting a precast pervious concrete system and related stormwater filtration methods, Minneapolis-based Percoa USA, LLC sees a range of commercial and residential market applications.
Some of the sustainable solutions Holcim Canada has featured at past CaGBC conferences include the use of recycled aggregates, pervious concrete pavement, and Portland Limestone cement which produces a strong and durable concrete with up to 10 per cent fewer CO2 emissions.
Laughlin will be presenting innovative solutions for stormwater drainage challenges using pervious concrete pavement.
Beginning with an overview of principles of sustainable design, the volume covers such topics as concrete thermal mass, roller compacted concrete pavements, pervious concrete for green surfaces, heat island effects, and reuse and the rehabilitation of concrete structures.
The pervious concrete used also stores less heat due to its relatively open pore structure.
Wilson Motors was awarded the best new pervious concrete application throughout Washington state.