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But for puerile filth, of which I'm a fan, you must see Dustin being auditioned for a commercial by Seb's pervy director.
I now realise why builders often shout 'cheer up love' at me between pervy comments.
SHAMED comedian Jason Manford's grandmother called him in tears after she heard about his pervy web sex sessions with 12 girls.
Of course, when a story appears about a straying soccer star, a bonking businessman, or a pervy politician, readers are drawn in by their natural curiosity - or if you prefer, sheer nosiness - but there's more to it than that.
Pervy as that may sound, O'Toole brings such tenderness, understanding and self-effacing hilarity to the role that you can't help but feel for the naughty old geezer.
The wizard wears black gloves that presumably come from the fetish-gear shop next to the down-outfit boutique on Currin's pervy version of Main Street, USA.
I couldn't put my finger on exactly who they reminded me of - Crowded House but not nearly as cheesy, the Proclaimers but more in tune, even Pulp but not as pervy.
And, apart from a few pervy scenes and the usual blood and guts finale, the film fails miserably to explore the chilling possibilities of this new power.
Zara Turner has the right degree of inner turmoil, tetchiness and paranoia as the undercover cop whose sister was murdered and now believes the pervy prime suspect, who's killed himself, was innocent.
It's pervy and weird and someone invariably ends up getting hurt.
Incredibly, one sportsman who belonged to the soccer stars groups "named Brotherhood and Hoodratz " is also a member of the pervy PMB.