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We also invite people to adopt any pet animal from vet clinics.
Rehman said that among pet animals, Persian cats are in high demand at the market.
According to the resolution, it shall be illegal to possess a pet animal in the emirate of Ajman without obtaining a license from the Department's Administration of Public Health and Environment, which is granted after furnishing all required documents.
Ajman: Owning pet animal without licenses will lead owner to pay heavy fine in Ajman while keeping pet in apartment is banned and it is not allowed to own more than two pet animal at one time.
She was a member of the Pet Animal Welfare Society and the Ct.
As a youngster I considered badgers to be a pet animal until it was explained that the reason why many of my school mates were hospitalised in a sanatorium at Standish, near Stonehouse, with TB, was the contaminated milk supplies traced back to bovine infection spread by badgers.
such biological topics as the life cycle of birth to death, while also teaching about proper care of the creatures, including the financial and human resources necessary to keep a pet animal healthy.
It's your very own pocket-sized virtual pet, to be cared for like a real pet animal.
The pet animal sustained serious injuries which are being treated by a vet.
For the first time, you can experience an indoor pet animal sanctuary at the 'Arabian Center Mini Zoo'.
Animal Aid claims the business of selling pet animals in a public place was illegal under The Pet Animal Act 951 (Amendment 1983).
The Pet Animal Act 1983 states the business of selling pet animals in a public place is illegal.