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The first of the historic Phantoms on show next month will be the 1927 Phantom I previously owned by Hollywood legend Fred Astaire
The MARS stereotactic robot [11] uses commercially available phantoms made as replicas of the human skull (Fig.
This unit allowed the navigator to identify targets for one of the most essential weapons carried by the Phantoms, the AIM-7G Sparrow air-to-air missile.
Phantom Limb: Amputation, Embodiment, and Prosthetic Technology
This is not the first Phantom II - a model with that name was originally introduced back in 1929.
The phantoms in question are West End stars John Owen-Jones - currently playing the role in Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre in London - Earl Carpenter, last seen playing the roles of Valjean and Javert respectively in the sell-out 25th anniversary tour of Les Misrables, and Matthew Cammelle, who recently starred in the international tour of Mamma Mia
Reflecting its complex mission, the squadron flies an impressive mix of aircraft, including QF-4N/S Phantom IIs, F-14B/D Tomcats, DC/LC-130 Hercules, NP-3D Orions and SA227 Metroliners.
ICRU Report 61: Tissue Substitutes, Phantoms and Computational Modelling in Medical Ultrasound offers fundamental guidelines necessary for developing and using medical ultrasound phantoms for training, research and basic equipment maintenance.
For a mere $19,500, consumers can buy a personal haptic interface device known as PHANToM.
After the Phantoms had cut the lead to 35-27 with 9 minutes, 31 seconds left in the game, Michael Washington took the ensuing kick back 83 yards for a touchdown.
The Phantoms placed second in their age group in this tournament last year.