Philadelphia Lawyer

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Philadelphia Lawyer

A colloquial term that was initially a compliment to the legal expertise and competence of an attorney due to the outstanding reputation of the Philadelphia bar during colonial times. More recently the term has become a disparaging label for an attorney who is skillful in the manipulation of the technicalities and intricacies of the law to the advantage of his or her client, although the spirit of the law might be violated.

For example, an attorney who uses repeated motions for postponement of an action or excessive discovery requests as dilatory tactics primarily for the advantages that inure to his or her client, as opposed to legitimate grounds for such actions, might be regarded as a Philadelphia lawyer.

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Andrew Hamilton (1676-1741): considered the "first" Philadelphia lawyer because he established the concept of freedom of the press in his successful 1735 defense of John Peter Zenger.
Snyder and Caplan, in the Philadelphia Lawyer essay, cited a report from the Netherlands, where euthanasia is illegal but the law is not strictly enforced.
According to the girl's Philadelphia lawyer, Daniel P.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading Philadelphia lawyer Robert Spinelli of Kelley Jasons McGowan Spinelli & Hanna and noted Texas attorney Aaron DeLuca of DeLuca & Nemeroff LLP are presiding over a day of legal and medical education for attorneys featuring doctors, trial attorneys and judges, including Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Sandra Mazer Moss.
George Miller, a Philadelphia lawyer who handled the sale of the Halsey mill, could not be reached for comment Thursday.
You don't have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to see the quality he possesses - the enthusiasm, the desire, the youthful exuberance and the talent and ability.
Michael Donovan, a Philadelphia lawyer who served as local counsel for the plaintiffs in the class action, said Wal-Mart's own pay records provided evidence that the employees were not compensated for breaks.
It doesn't take a Philadelphia lawyer to see that with four justices dissenting from this decision, the outcome of the next topless dancing case could be different.
You would need a Philadelphia lawyer to make head or tail of parts of it and it is important to be spot on before we start to avoid any problems down the line.
But they are merely phlegm-coated peas compared with the green torrent which will accompany Martin O'Neill impersonating a Philadelphia lawyer on the BBC's Euro 2000 pundit couch as he stonewalls questions about his future.
Inspired by the real-life Innocence Project (which works to exonerate wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing), "The Divide'' focuses on a young Philadelphia lawyer named Christina Rosa, who has joined the Innocence Initiative and become obsessed with winning a last-ditch appeal for a white inmate soon facing execution for the murder of a black family.
The complexity of the international rules on player eligibility would test even a Philadelphia lawyer but most Hotline callers are ready to embrace kids schooled, but not born, in Scotland.

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