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The pounds 50,000 figure was bought by Scarborough philantropist Maureen Robinson.
Sri Bagwan Bhajan Ashram was founded in 1914, the founder being a religious philantropist Janki Dasji Patodia.
Ophelia's Place was formed in 2005 after local philantropist and Womenspace board member Rosaria Haugland felt the needs of young girls could be served by their own office.
Capitalists in all Heywood plays analyzed here, but especially in the second part of IYK, have apparently been, as we have seen, idealized: Bess Bridges as the girl in a tavern transformed into a wealthy international merchant, then married into the nobility; Sir Thomas Gresham as successful Elizabethan international businessman, the idealized citizen, philantropist and capitalist merchant prince.