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Helfand, show that Wilde was engaged in working out a synthesis of evolutionary theory and philosophical idealism while he was at Oxford, and that he did not concern himself with the homosexual apologetics of Pater and Arthur Symonds [Oscar Wilde's Oxford Notebooks: A Portrait of a Mind in the Making, ed.
This over-inclusive concept of "empiricism" is complemented by a cartoon picture of philosophical idealism.
In his previous novel, Selige Zeiten, bruchige Welt (1991), Robert Menasse dramatized the destruction wrought on personal lives and intimate relationships by Hegelian grandiosity and unrestrained philosophical idealism.
What Jones presents is really a rapid reading of many texts, grouped according to the three main phases of the intellectual career (1918-1923, 1924-1939, and 1940-1955) in terms of a rather simplistic approach to literary modernism and philosophical idealism.
This resulted not only in disputes and polemics among themselves, but also in novels which were often confused in their philosophical positions and characters who were anguished over the resolution of philosophical idealism and determinism and the problems of will and existence.
Indeed the philosophical idealism underlying his theory of constitutionalism is antithetical to the spirit and substance of republican government.
Even his philosophical idealism, apparently outmoded in the empirical age inaugurated and dominated by Locke, emerges on inspection to be less the anxious belief of an outsider than an unfashionable disposition which only one perfectly at home could have indulged without cost.
In America, a movement of philosophical idealism that reached its height in New England during the 1840s and inspired the work of <IR> EMERSON </IR> , <IR> BRONSON ALCOTT </IR> , <IR> THOREAU </IR> , <IR> MARGARET FULLER </IR> , and others.
Marxist philosophical materialism and atheism cannot be reconciled with Christian philosophical idealism and theism.

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