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Phoinix Global has an excellent reputation in the marketplace for customer service, engineering capability and reliability.
Comedies by Oscar Wilde and Sarah Ruhl join a play festival by the Walterville Grange and the latest offering from the Phoinix Players on local stages this weekend.
26, in a column about the Phoinix Players, Welch wrote, "A Grange in Pleasant Hill.
This dinner-theater offering from the Phoinix Players features familiar characters who meet up in Storyland to discuss the possibility of a plot change affecting who is living happily ever after with whom.
At The Red Cane Theatre, a hole-in-the-wall venue that used to be an Asian food market, Phoinix Players director Mary Huls is spitting out instructions to her cast with that time-running-out tone of no-nonsense and niceness.
Date Night at the Theatre," a new Phoinix Players vaudeville musical directed by Mary Huls, opens next week after discount previews tonight and this weekend and runs through Feb.
A Christmas to Remember" - The Phoinix Players present an original musical play, 7 p.
Phoinix Players open a new dinner theater production of "Beauty and the Beast" today at the Red Cane Theater, 1077 Chambers St.
The Phoinix Players are offering a dinnertheater show, "TheSilver Spurs Saloon,"in a new performance space.
The Phoinix Players, a local theater group of which Grace is a member, raised enough money for two nights at a hotel, and dinner.