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To actively target people who may be on the brink of physical dependence
Abuse of a Schedule III drug could lead to low to moderate physical dependence or high mental dependence.
By using an improved measure of physical dependence on alcohol, these figures provide a stronger link to the potential risk.
A classic sign of physical dependence is the need for an early morning drink or fix.
Physical dependence on a substance is neither necessary nor sufficient for a DSM-IV substance dependence diagnosis, which is used interchangeably with addiction.
The handbook explains how to safely administer prescribed analgesia, enhance physical and psychosocial comfort, and differentiate addiction from aberrant drug behaviors, physical dependence, and tolerance.
Chronic use of buprenorphine can cause physical dependence.
Understand that psychological and physical dependence on drugs rarely is a major concern when medications are part of a properly managed treatment program.
This is particularly the case with those individuals who are not experiencing full-blown physical dependence on a drug and whose usage has not compromised their relationships and wider social responsibilities.
These observations, together with theoretical writings that Linked addiction to the pharmacological properties of tolerance and physical dependence, led to the perception that any exposure to opioid drugs would cause addiction in previously normal patients.
Decongestants should only be used for a few days at a time otherwise a physical dependence can develop.
Although propofol has only ultrashort pharmacological action the frequent stimulation of central GABA-A receptors might be strong enough to evoke counteradaptive changes in central neurotransmission explaining the development of physical dependence (chiefly tolerance, withdrawal) (Heinz et al.