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When asked what life advice she'll give her girl, Carey revealed: "No makeup, no piercings, no tattoos.
Schools and many employers tend not to have very liberal views on body piercings.
In addition to his body art and faux horns, Buchholz has a record 453 piercings, many of them on his face and genitals, according to Guinness World Records.
The 55-year-old German national -- who holds a Guinness World Record for 453 piercings on his body including multiple ones on his ears, nose, lips and genitals -- was stopped at the Dubai International Airport.
I do not have tattoos or piercings and have no desire to do so.
Some policies also include guidelines that limit piercings to women's earlobes while others include limits on the size of jewelry and number of "philanthropic" bracelets.
The decree was also issued due to the amount of complaints received by the ministry about cases of poor hygiene which have resulted in infected piercings.
I'm sure you've already discovered that you can often temporarily remove piercings and cover extreme tattoos up with the right clothing choices.
with her 'Jersey Shore' star boyfriend The Unit-where she showed her unusual piercings on her wrists and back that match up with those in the photo and which the 31-year-old socialite does not possess.
Health minister Lesley Griffiths also proposes an outright ban on intimate cosmetic piercings for under-18s.
But I believe we are missing a trick - instead of just controlling piercings, we should be looking at the wider aesthetic body modification industry, from micro-pigmentation, cosmetic fillers and tattoos to the more extreme end of scarification and branding.