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Kika Willings, 18, left, is comforted outside the house where Margaret Pierides, 16, and her father Costas Pierides, 48, were found in the village of Sible Hedingham, Essex, right Margaret Pierides, 16, who died after being found in the family home with her fatally-injured father Costas Pierides, 48,
The exhibition is organized by Nicosia Municipal Art Centre, Pierides Foundation, Cultural Services of Education and Culture, the Pilar i Joan Miro Foundation of Mallorca and the Telloglio Institution and Fine Arts Foundation of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Government of Spain, the Spanish Organization for the Promotion of Spanish Cultural Actions Abroad (SEACEX) and that support of Cyprus Tourist Organization and it will last until May 30.
Triantafyllides singled Pierides out as the only witness in the trial who had a motive "to vindicate himself" since he was the same person who had earlier conducted a market manipulation probe for CySEC.
Both received emergency treatment but Mr Pierides died at the scene.
Poliviou's effort was clearly to discredit Pierides -- the prosecution's key witness -- by attempting to demonstrate a lack of impartiality.
Kypris, Kalogirou told Pierides, had claimed that Eliades' and Aristodemou's public remarks concerning the lender's capital needs -- which they said was e1/420m -- were untruthful.
Pierides testimony cited internal BoC documents to explain his views, to which defence lawyers raised several objections.
In order to have a smoothly functioning securities market, market abuse must be pre-empted," Pierides said.
The objection related to allegations that Pierides was the architect of a CySEC probe on the very offences that sparked the subsequent trial, which triggered fines of hundreds of thousands of euros for the bank and its officials.
The court said Pierides did not prove he had the requisite expertise to interpret these terms, and that therefore in using them he was merely expressing an opinion.
According to reports in the British press, Andreas Pierides, 22, a student at Southampton University, appeared in court on Monday.
The eager co-passenger reported Pierides to the police and handed over the pictures he had taken of Pierides reading the prohibited book.