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Design, is designed by a former optician, Pille Kapetanakis.
by Pille Runnel, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Piret Viires, and Marin Laak.
Langsamerhand, tussen al die gewag op besoeke van Pappa, kaartspeel en sorg vir makoue, die uitdeel van pille en medisyne, wen hy die mense en soldate se vertroue (of so dink hy).
The new lifetime volunteers honored this year were: Jason Bischel, Lorraine Boos, Gloria Brietzke, Phyllis Carney, Gilbert Clausen, Kathy Fandel, Harold Freid, Sandra Genett, Joe Girard, Cathy Hemenway, Marnie Hersrud, Andrea Hillerud, Cecilia Ihlenfeld, Charles Ivey, Muriel Magadance, Lew Mallow, Karen McDonnell, William McDonnell, David Mecikalski, Darcy Parr, Buddy Parr, Kitty Pille, Fred Rieper, Marlys Root, DeWayne Schlewitz, Kristina Schwartz, Marian Solomakos, Jo Stolp, Janet Sylte, Joan Wallin, Gladys Webb, and Lloyd Ziebell.
Donors can contact the DSWD's National Resource Operations Centre (NROC) and speak to Elma Pille, who can be contacted on: +63 915 202 8009.
Pille Petersoo, located in Estonia, writes a food blog called Nami-Nami.
GOLEO was unique in a way that he could talk, dance and had a talking soccer ball, Pille, as his partner.
20-1 Owner Tight Lines Partnership Trainer Henry Candy Jockey Pat Cosgrave Groom Anand Pille Breeder Shadwell Estate Company Limited Distances 11/4l, 1l Tom O'Ryan reports Markab (left) wins the Sprint Cup from Lady Of The Desert (blue) and Genki
The design and procurement out-of- Kingdom contract was signed by Al-Ajmi and NoE1/2l Pille, Jan De Nul Group's direc- tor of Offshore Work.
As die pasiente inkom vir hulle pille of so iets soos dit, dan het sy soos op die pasiente geskreeu