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Final cut: The cypress pine trees at St Mary's Church in Betws y Coed are removed
Zumbiel demonstrated how to plant a tree, and he explained that pine trees are a renewable resource like corn.
Summary: The Union of Zghorta Municipalities and the Agriculture Ministry began Monday fighting an outbreak of the sandalwood worm that is targeting pine trees in north Lebanon.
Literally nothing is older than a bristlecone pine tree: The oldest and longest-living species on the planet, these pine trees normally are found clinging to bare rocky landscapes of alpine or near-alpine mountain slopes.
The forest of black and red pine trees is also gone, scattered like matchsticks across this once-pretty resort by the enormous power of the March 11 tsunami -- except for this single tree, whose survival is counted as a "miracle" by those whose homes have now vanished.
RARE birds have been causing a flutter in Merseyside after they were spotted high in the pine trees of Wir ral.
The moth can affect all types of pine trees, at any altitude.
Thus informed, the landowners moved to protect their property rights--by mowing down mature pine trees.
Prudent positioning preserves existing pine trees, so that visitors perambulate through the tree tops.
Pine trees belong in a special group of plants known as evergreens plants that keep green leaves all year long.
In the mid-1990's, Aaron Liston of Oregon State University in Corvallis was studying the evolutionary history of pine trees and managed to sequence a long stretch of DNA from pine needles.