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The 56-second video shows the unknown man in Swindon, Wilts, being pinned down by a male and female officer while they attempt to read him his rights.
She was pinned down and two of the males then brutally raped her.
UNDER ATTACK; Charlize is the underdog as she is pinned down on the Malibu sand by her pal; ROLE REVERSAL; The actress decides to fight back and tries to turn the tables on her friend; OVER & OUT; But Charlize is no match, ending up face-first in the sand; X17 AGENCY
Smiley, the murderer, keeps the sheriffs and other acronymic forces pinned down with an AKA and eventually the house is burned to the ground.
The additional members are accommodated on the public space outside which is pinned down by the thin tall concrete planes of the campanile.
The action grips you in the first lines of page one, where Blackman is pinned down by Viet Cong snipers, and continues through all the battles like a western.
In the first legislative session, the governor could not be pinned down.
To disregard this proven tactic by allowing yourself to get pinned down, or to be afraid to give your position away is nonsense, dangerous nonsense, and will not only prolong the action (causing increased troop exhaustion) but will also result in more casualties.
Most losses are avoidable, and they are often due to events that can only be pinned down using Vigilistics tracking and tracing software.
Now, researchers have pinned down the class of natural juice compounds that's responsible for the unwanted chemical interaction.
Once you've pinned down your project idea, you'll want to keep in mind the scientific method, a step-by-step process that scientists use to perform experiments (p.
But instead of being pinned down in a fixed position, the reluctant hero of ``Cellular'' must keep up his end of the conversation while on a wild, geographically nonsensical ride up and down L.