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Overall, the Linda isn't going to dethrone high-dollar pistol-caliber carbines from military manufacturers like SIG and H&K, but it's not meant to.
Pistol-caliber carbines are perfect choices for teaching youngsters how to shoot, and having a carbine that a kid thinks looks cool could be a motivator to help get them to the range.
While most of these pistol-caliber carbines were based on famous SMGs like IMI's UZI carbine, semi-auto-only variants of lesser-known SMGs like the S&W M-76 (the MK760) also surfaced on the civilian market.
If we assume the use of reloaded 9mm ammunition (we'll overlook the investment costs of reloading gear) the pistol-caliber carbine can be a deal.
That's a reasonable distance for hunting whitetails with these type of rifles, but if you want to extend the potential of your pistol-caliber carbine, you can up your game with a gun like the Big Horn Model 901 mentioned.
If you're in the market for a pistol-caliber carbine, give the trendsetters at Just Right Carbines a look.
So if you spend a lot of time shooting at an indoor range, a pistol-caliber carbine makes perfect sense.
Pistol-caliber carbines are just plain fun, and this Stag 9L is no different.
However, none of the pistol-caliber carbines or submachine guns are nearly as effective as the old and often unfairly maligned .
The fabrication of pistol-caliber carbine magazines is not a secret, and I'm sure that more than one magazine company is working on making the magazines that Taurus owners will want, because you are going to want high-cap magazines for this carbine, once you've had a chance to test-fire it.