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Studies conducted by Placet, Anderson and Fowler (2005) suggest that the strategy for sustainability should be customized for specific situations.
He then again had to settle for a placet behind Mr Fluffy at Kempton.
20) De vita II: 490-92: "Nuditas namque illa non placet quantalibet elemontorum clementia, neque enim tantum frigoribus sed pudori amictus honestate consulitur.
X placet ot Y-a [equivalent to] 'X has tears in X's eyes (and produces a particular sound), which is caused by a strong emotion Y of X'.
Special protective slippers must be worn inside the facility to keep the placet as germ-free as possible.
SOME friends of ours moved to the country, and as a farewell present, work colleagues bought them a rustic garden seat with the inscription: "Ore stabit fortis arare placet ore stat".
1 Commentarium, a Consulta praeparatum, quoad substantiam placet, sed de integro reficiendum est antequain ut instrumentum studii conferentiis episcopalibus et organismis catholicis internationalibus communicetur.
La parution recente de l'edition critique d'un placet presente au roi par les recollets de Paris, en 1684, fournit une occasion particuliere pour jeter un regard retrospectif sur les dernieres realisations editoriales de ce genre dans le champ historique de la Nouvelle France.
763: |forma placet niveusque color flavique capilli'.
Even today, most emissions from human activities are estimated, not measured, using formulas for standard power plants and vehicles, notes Marylynn Placet, a Washington, D.
12) The final vote on the text on December 7, 1965 (2309 placet versus 75 non placet), gave the church a document that even from its external features represented something new.
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