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3) is the Raphael drawing that influenced it, Saint Benedict Receiving Maurus and Placidus, on loan from a private collection.
Two students of Gueranger, Maurus and Placidus Wolter, would bring the influence of their teacher to the abbey they founded in Beuron.
Cardinal Telesphonre Placidus Toppo of India, a papal confidante, told Italy's Libero newspaper that he found the pope in one of their meetings "very tired and fatigued.
Koch, 1872) Zelotes duplex + Chamberlin, 1922 Zelotes fratris + Chamberlin, 1920 Philodromidae Ebo latithorax + + Keyserling, 1884 Philodromus exilis + Banks, 1892 Philodromus exilis + imbecillus Keyserling, 1880 Philodromus laticeps + Keyserling, 1880 Philodromus marxi + Keyserlingi, 1884 Philodromus minutus + Banks, 1892 Philodromus placidus + + Banks, 1892 Philodromus rufus + + quartus Dondale et Redner, 1968 Philodromus vulgaris + + Hentz, 1847 Thanatus arcticus + Thorell, 1872 Thanatus striatus + + C.
The Krypta (crypt) holds the remains of the executed holy Placidus who--around 700 AD and alongside monk Sigisbert--constructed a cell (room) where the monastery now stands.
placidus was the most frequently collected species (Table 1) during the course of this study, with specimens found throughout the drainage with the exception of the smallest tributaries (Fig.
The writer, Placidus, seems to have attempted to improve the look of his opening greeting with an ornate script.
CAIUS JUNIUS FAUSTINUS PLACIDUS POSTUMIANUS probably governed Britannia during the reign of Emperor Caracalla.
36) If a corrupted gloss of Placidus has been correctly emended, the location of the corneta was remembered primarily as locus .
Catholics must not let Hindu fundamentalists weaken the Church's missionary spirit," said Cardinal Telesphore Placidus Toppo.
of [eth]am waes sum gehaten Placidus, and sum o[eth]er Maurus 'of them was one called Placidus, and some other Maurus' (AElfric Homilies II: 31)