PLAGIARIUS, civil law. He who fraudulently concealed a freeman or slave who belonged to another.
     2. The offence itself was called plagium.
     3. It differed from larceny or theft in this, that larceny always implies that the guilty party intended to make a profit, whereas the plagiarius did not intend to make any profit. Dig. 48, 15, 6; Code, 9, 20, 9 and 15.

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Palagiarism comes from the latin word plagiarius, or kidnapping.
The Plagiarius Awards are given out to some of the best examples of product rip-offs.
The show will also feature its annual Plagiarius awards, a negative prize for blatant copying.
Fortunatianus] de ratione dicendi conscripserint, ex quibus impudens plagiarius fete omnia surripuit quae de ductibus praecepit, praeter pauca ex Hermogene sumpta.