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Its plan of re-organization has been approved by the U.
Holtzman concluded that this represents the elimination of a major item on their plan of re-organization.
I am extremely impressed by the addition of Robert Budd-CEO, and the plan of re-organization and management staffing upgrades.
the "Company") is pleased to report that the Company has signed an Agreement and plan of Re-organization with AmeriChip Ventures, Inc.
Pink Sheets:PHGTA, PHGTB, and PHGTC) a technology investment group focused on creating synergistic value by converging companies with proven and profitable business models, today announced a new common stock issuance, designated class "C," which will be issued to new investors pursuant to the Company's Plan of Re-Organization.
Larry Shaben, WTAA's Chairman, is pleased to announce the Board's decision to re-align the company's business direction to the field of "digital communications" the new frontier for international marketers and advertising agencies, thus completing the Company's Plan of Re-Organization announced on February 8, 2001.
Per the terms of the December 7, 2002 "Rescission and Plan of Re-Organization Agreement," between Lexor International Inc.
Further to the Company's Plan of Re-Organization (News dated Feb 8th and May 31st, 2001), WTAA (OTC Bulletin Board: WTAA) is pleased to announce that the Board has approved a Change in Business in order to take advantage of the opportunities that now exist in the 2nd generation of the Internet.