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These variables were: total plant biomass (stem, leaf and root) (g)> toot biomass (g), plant tissue K (stem and root separately) (mg), plant shoot N content (mg), total plant K uptake (mg [K.
AT dawn and dusk, they feed on earthworms, frogs, insects, mice, slugs, birds' eggs, nuts, berries and plant shoots.
BLOOMING UNLUCKY: Nigel and Century Plant; DAMAGE: Plant shoots up
UNTANGLE climbers from their pergola supports so the timber can be treated before the plant shoots are pruned and tied in neatly to the frame.
Working with several types of alpine pennycress found in the southern part of France, researchers found that soil metals move into the harvestable plant shoots.
Within a year, the plant shoots up 12 feet high, and when John Doe tries to cut the beast down, the plant drips toxic sap that burns his skin and causes severe, scarring blisters.
Reduce the number of established plant shoots for better-quality blooms like delphiniums or lupins.
To get objective data characterizing the differences in density of plant shoots subjected to browsing by moose and those on the control area, total length of shoots was measured in a definite volume (a cube with a side of 15 cm), situated in the tree crown (Table 1).