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Each suspension was sprayed on maize plantlets (30 cm height approximately) kept under greenhouse conditions, with 4 to 5 plantlets per pot with 5 replicates.
The rooting tests applied during experiments showed that rooting induction in the presence of auxin is essential to promote root formation from in vitro plantlets from explants of A.
The roots of plantlets treated with the lowest dose of Phi kept growing until the 32nd day.
It is time to prepare for my new bed of strawberries and take those new plantlets off the runners that the year-old parent plants are sending out copiously.
As part of its Nescafe Plan, unveiled last week, Nestle will distribute 220 million high yield disease-resistant coffee plantlets to farmers by 2020, expand technical assistance programmes and over the next five years purchase 180,000 tonnes of coffee directly from 170,000 farmers every year.
2 Clean up daylilies and start new plants by snipping off the leafy little plantlets that developed on old flower stems.
Fairtrade certification is one part of Nestle's global Cocoa Plan which will see GBP65 million invested in initiatives such as farmer training and supply of high-quality plantlets over the next ten years.
SPIDER PLANT: This one actually prefers being pot-bound, when it will produce small plantlets.
2004), with most plantlets produced from seeds cultured in vitro (Tokuhara and Mii, 1993).
From this we receive small plantlets that form on runners.
In 2008, PPKKI started producing post acclimatization plantlets of coffee and cacao with the Somatic Embryogenesis technology.