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The nursery can produce 300,000 to 500,000 Robusta coffee plantlets a year.
Plantlets cultured in this system demonstrate heterotrophic character, with low capacity to perform photosynthesis and consequently low survival during the acclimatization process (Brondani, de Wit Ondas, Baccarin, Goncalves, & de Almeida, 2012; Fernandes, Azevedo, Costa, & Brondani, 2013; Greenway, Phillips, Lloyd, Hubstenberger, & Phillips, 2012).
After hardening, plantlets were taken out from the culture bottles and washed in running tap water to remove the traces of agar.
Several alterations have been followed for the reduction of contamination and cost for economic production of plantlets.
Callus culture followed by proper regeneration into plantlets is an important source of adding variation in present germplasm [5].
Number of normal plantlets: Plantlets germinated with length of 1 cm or more were separated and counted, in each sub-replicate, five and eight days after sowing, with all the structures intact (Nakagawa, 1999).
Sugarcane plantlets (variety RB867515), previously established in vitro, were provided by Biofactory Governador Miguel Arraes (Recife, Brazil) and transferred to test tubes with 10 mL of MS (Murashige & Skoog, 1962) liquid medium supplemented with 3% sucrose, 100 mg [L.
L served to increase the number of plantlets produced from any given meristem that already had the potential to produce shoots.
In qualitative analysis, performed after 150 days of in vitro culture, it was observed that plantlets grown in culture medium with NAA and capped with closures allowing gas exchange showed best growth and morphological development (Figure 1a).
intermedia plantlets were propagated in vitro and reintroduced to the edges and interior of forest fragments to determine if there are differences in plantlet establishment under different climatic conditions (Endres Junior et al.
And if there's a herbaceous perennial that did well, one you'd like to see more of, the best way to achieve this is by dividing up the plant into smaller plantlets and replanting.