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It is shown that the vacancy concentration has no effect on the basic shape of the stress-strain relation, and all of them have three stages: the elastic deformation stage, the plastic deformation stage and the stress drop to zero stage.
This fact is documented by plastic deformation measurements for the upper plate and virtually no deformation of the lower plate in shield models with absorbers (Table 3).
The goal of the paper is to demonstrate the possibility of using the method of holographic interferometry to estimate the plastic deformation in the zone of contact interaction.
The effect of nanoscratching direction on the plastic deformation and surface morphology of InP crystals.
In the situation where elastic deformation coexists with plastic deformation, the regions experiencing elastic deformation (call the deformation structural element, DSE) obeys Hooke's law.
Due to the abovementioned limitations and the need for the creation of new methods, the researchers proposed a new severe plastic deformation method under the title annular pressure buildup (APB).
A complex physical and mechanical process of metal plastic deformation and fracture takes place at the interface between the cutting instrument and the work material, causing chip formation and its separation from the workpiece.
This can cause the size of the fine particles which ultimately leads to the formation of NANOCRYSTALLINE structures [4],Increase the amount of elastic deformation leads to an increase in the density of network defects, especially dislocations, causing plastic deformation and grain size is reduced.
The improved mathematical model of the problem of volume minimization of a perfectly elastic-plastic truss with new displacement constraints and plastic deformation conditions can be expressed as follows:
This is the first book devoted to bulk nanomaterials produced by severe plastic deformation (SPD).
Most of plastic materials can deform with stability without the fibril cut by the plastic deformation immediately after the yield in such a form of load.