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A map of a town or a section of land that has been subdivided into lots showing the location and boundaries of individual parcels with the streets, alleys, easements, and rights of use over the land of another.

A plat is usually drawn to scale.

See: intertwine, land, plot

PLAT. A map of a piece of land, in which are marked the courses and distances of the different lines, and the quantity of land it contains.
     2. Such a plat;nay be given in evidence in ascertaining the position of the land, and what is included, and may serve to settle the figure of a survey, and correct mistakes. 5 Monr. 160. See 17 Mass. 211; 5 Greenl. 219; 7 Greenl, 61; 4 Wheat. 444; 14 Mass. 149.

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With ABC's extensive bed and bath areas, Plat decided to largely eliminate those departments in the new store, as well as childrens, and focus on what he considers more "masculine' categories like electronics, small tech-oriented gifts and lighting.
Based on the plat maps of the GLO surveys, 19,555 hectares of prairie existed in the Jackson Prairie Belt, neighboring areas, and western Mississippi at the time of the surveys (Tables 1 & 2).
By 2000 Plat had dropped to 11th place and every wine ahead of it was either Australian or Californian.
If they live in the United States, Plat said, they might have shopped IKEA in their 20s, bought their first sofa at Crate & Barrel, then became serious about home design and graduated to the Conran Shop.
As a result, no other country has such a rich winemaking heritage or offers the sheer variety and excellence of French wines and Plat Pere et Fils has been a part of that tradition for 150 years.
This action approves a preliminary plat and planned residential development that will result in a total of 824 dwelling units on the 200-acre site.
The surveyor will need to complete the survey and plat within six months from being awarded the contract.
Ce dernier, qui sera etendu a la residence universitaire de la ville d'Ain Beida, sera marque par des galas folkloriques et des concours destines a recompenser le meilleur plat traditionnel, la meilleure friandise et le plus bel habit, ont indique les organisateurs.
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