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The 23-year-old, from Chapel Close, Dinas Powys, is hoping that by baring his plates of meat to the elements he can raise at least pounds 1,000 for street children in Calcutta.
Fortunately, my socks remained well and truly on the end of my legs - I have never confessed to having anything other than depressingly average plates of meat.
FIGHTING STYLE: The newly slim Cockney is now light and nimble on his plates of meat
University Challenge is one of the very few contests Aidan O'Brien has yet to win, but should he and his team have to answer 20 questions about the old plates of meat it would hold no fears.
Especially if you're a fan of 6in stillies, it's time to invest some quality time in your footsiesIf wearing sandals is a scandal and your plates of meat are more like trotters than tootsies, chances are the thought of a salon pedicure would cause you embarrassment.
The Nicholson plates of meat are, by his own admission, uniquely problematical and not a sight a stranger should be allowed to see before breakfast.
Rather like his father, his feet are like plates of meat.