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We were just trying to play the percentages (on trying a field goal on second down with 15 seconds remaining),'' Hart coach Mike Herrington said.
We can never eliminate risk but Wales on Sunday would urge families to play the percentages.
When you're not playing as well, you need to know your limitations, reel it back in a little bit and play the percentages a bit more.
IAN Smith has told his flyhalves to forget the need to appear flashy and to play the percentages more.
Collins said: 'The number of times I've been told before games to get the ball into the corners and play the percentages, that type of thing.
Fitz was up and ready to go and I figured he'd play the percentages,'' said Gryboski, whose earned run average has dipped below three after his 0-7, 9.
I just tried to play the percentages and it was a long, hard day out there, but we are in a good position now.
05 Kempton Sell in a match bet with Fistral Beach at 0 You have got to play the percentages with these spread match-bets and the angle in with the improving Fistral Beach against Nacarat is his reliability and current form.