plead guilty

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Baladitya Chundri, 29, of Talworth Street, Cardiff, plead guilty to driving without insurance.
LaVoie had agreed last fall to plead guilty to the Hamilton bank robbery.
In addition to the Superior Court plea, Ludlow signed a federal deal agreeing to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate labor laws.
Scott Harshbarger announced that ELIO signed a plea agreement with his office in which ELIO agreed to plead guilty to a pending state conflict of interest charge arising out of payments made by ELIO to State Senator Henri S.
On the local charges, Ludlow is expected to appear in court Monday to plead guilty to felony conspiracy to exceed campaign contribution limits, said Deputy District Attorney Max Huntsman.
Appearing handcuffed in the Antelope Valley Courthouse's top-security courtroom, 37-year-old Steven Jones objected to the deputy public defender assigned as his attorney and said he wanted to represent himself and plead guilty.
Prosecutors objected to his attempt to plead guilty to second-degree murder in the shooting death of 20-year-old Barroso, the Moorpark woman whose body was found in a brushy area after a long, intensive search that began when her rental car was found, its motor still running, at the bottom of a Moorpark freeway off-ramp.
On Monday, he will plead guilty in federal court to three counts of violation of civil rights and possession of an illegal firearm in three separate Rampart cases.
About two weeks ago, prosecutors offered to let Wingfield plead guilty to a felony charge of permitting Helms to beat the child.
The motion contended that Montgomery had been singled out for prosecution and that prosecutors had pressured him to plead guilty.
A former Superior Court judge was expected to plead guilty today to a charge of accepting money from a well-known trial attorney, a newspaper reported.
The other defendant to plead guilty was Mike Castro, 20, of Camarillo.