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I think I must have sensed something of what was coming, for I realize now that I was crouched as for a spring as I saw the blow aimed at her beautiful, upturned, pleading face, and ere the hand descended I was halfway across the hall.
Villefort knew not when he should return, and Renee, far from pleading for Dantes, hated the man whose crime separated her from her lover.
The first object that met her view was her client pleading, with conspicuous success, for himself
These pleadings, and the counter pleadings, being duly heard, the very learned judge in set terms decided, to wit, --That as for the boat, he awarded it to the plaintiffs, because they had merely abandoned it to save their lives; but that with regard to the controverted whale, harpoons, and line, they belonged to the defendants; the whale, because it was a Loose-Fish at the time of the final capture; and the harpoons and line because when the fish made off with them, it (the fish) acquired a property in those articles; and hence anybody who afterwards took the fish had a right to them.
Zahra Reyhani, 28, of Neville Street, Riverside, Cardiff, was given a three-month public alcohol banning order and fined PS150 after pleading guilty to threatening and abusive behaviour.
Unfortunately, by pleading not guilty they run the risk of upsetting the judge and getting a very harsh sentence.
ROSAMOND -- A Rosamond couple accused of milking the state workers' compensation system for more than $1 million in direct payments, medical care and the services of a chauffeur and a housekeeper face jail time after pleading no contest to insurance fraud.
Three of those pleading guilty were former MTA officials.
The following cases were heard at Cardiff Magistrates' Court: | Lee Antony Denner, 31, of Festiniog Road, Cardiff, was fined PS60 after pleading guilty to speeding over 30mph.
Two Canyon Country residents who investigators said agreed to perform female genital mutilation on two minors were sentenced Wednesday to federal prison terms after pleading guilty to conspiracy, child pornography and obscenity charges.
The following cases were heard at Cardiff Magistrates' Court: * Delicio Miranda, 26, of Wern Coch East in Cardiff, was fined pounds 200 and given six penalty points after pleading guilty to driving without insurance.
Megan Evans, 19, of Los Angeles was sentenced last week to 46 months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bank robbery.