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Bill was not by nature a plotter, but the mere fact of travelling under an assumed name had developed a streak of wariness in him.
I am the ruler of a conquered land, a lover of war and danger, a fighter and a plotter.
If ever there was a mercenary plotter whose thoughts and designs were always in her mean occupation, I am the amiable creature.
Contract notice: Lease of laser printers, digital copiers and plotters.
The MP Series plotters boast improvements from the CAD room to the cut room, with up to 4 inkjet heads that produce crisper and faster output and a feature-rich design that ensures ease of use and long-term reliability.
Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza earlier on Thursday made his first public announcement after the attempted coup through the state radio, commending security and defense forces who did not join other coup plotters.
Guards broke into the cellars where some of the gunpowder plotters, including Fawkes, were waiting.
In our story dated July 7, 2014 please read in the headline "Belgian unit of Bechtle wins plotters supply deal at home" instead of "Dutch unit of Bechtle wins plotters supply deal at home".
Manila Two former coup plotters who were eventually elected as senators said that the alleged coup plots against President Benigno Aquino would not succeed as they are unlikely to garner the required support.
Professional Plotter Technology, a leading expert in large format printers, plotters and scanners, has earned the coveted Graphics Design Elite Partner level from HP.
Sir Mark was given a fine and four-year suspended jail term in 2005 after admitting paying for the use of a helicopter for the plotters.
The plotters had barricaded themselves in after escaping a court where they were on trial over a failed 2003 coup.