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Point size--For body text in printed documents the optimal point size is between 10 and 12 point.
The number of diamonds in each size category is indicated as well, which makes clear the paucity of stones on the low side of focal point sizes.
Select 18 to 54 point size for ease of visual display and reading, except when point size is being selected for a special effect.
He also provides helpful information on subjects like point size (Web versus paper), foreign language characters, justification, columns, boxes, and line spacing.
It's important that all the screens you use are consistent in color, in font and point size, and in logo placement.
Set in a rather large point size "because it is meant to be read slowly," the actual text of the essay is on the right (odd-numbered) pages, whereas the left (even) is a sumptuous collection of quotes and sampled visual literature.
44 points and you wanted the same font at the 15 point size, you're out of luck.
Question: What point size was used for the tiny names in The Register-Guard's list of finishers in the Eugene Marathon?
We increased the point size on many of the smaller elements, such as sidebars and captions.
Laurence King book designer Mark Vernon Jones plainly has acute vision because he has decided on a light, condensed, sans serif face which, in the tiny point size he uses, is a real strain to read.
Banner achieves a remarkable range of forms by expanding full stops in different fonts to 1800 point size and then projecting them into three-dimensional objects: cubes, spheres, ellipsoids, and other less orthodox shapes of quite varying sizes.
If the point size of copy has enlarged over the years, this change should have been factored in, especially considering the exactitude with which stow lengths were cited in the charts.