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The 2-oz wearable camera head captures 142 degree FOV, at 1080p 30fps -- the widest point-of-view camera angle available on the market.
The worker point-of-view philosophy says that in every management decision that affects employees, the employee reaction must be taken into consideration.
Sentiment is one of the most important metrics and Point-of-View Sentiment gives us continuous qualitative insight into the competitive positioning of our brand, and our competitors' brands, in the marketplace.
Variously called the point-of-view, auteur, creative or feature documentary, this filmmaker-driven form appeared doomed by the creeping presence of television journalism.
Consumer-reported surveys with real-time data reports help behavioral health specialists assess consumers, implement care plans, and monitor consumers' progress and outcomes," says Kevin Kearney, president of Point-of-View Survey Systems, Inc.
Today's Point-of-View Briefing Looks at Relationship between Sales Training Adoption and ROI -- Register NOW!
The system was developed by media research professionals using client feedback to ensure an intuitive web interface that provides analysis from a PR point-of-view, not a programmer's point-of-view.
Instead of focusing only on tools, implementers also need to think about their entire operation from a services point-of-view and automate the processes they want to share.
This means Actional's patented Point-of-View Browser, the fastest, easiest way to connect enterprise applications, allows developers to view, manage and connect functions, components and services from other applications, as if they were native to their development environment.
Following a general session that will look at "The Road Ahead" from both the developer's point-of-view and the service provider's point-of-view, over 25 breakout sessions will focus on applications and protocols.
We have an opportunity to capture and promote a unique brand point-of-view for sixdegrees that will set them apart from the proliferation of communities both on and off-line," continued Fraser.