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Supervision from the worker point-of-view begins when an employee is hired.
From the workers' point-of-view, the more comfortable they feel in an environment, the more likely they are to stay.
Constant communication from management to employees is an important ingredient in the worker point-of-view philosophy.
The worker point-of-view was taken into consideration and employee buy-in was achieved.
For three nonstop days, we sat around a horseshoe-shaped conference table and heard 60 pitches, almost all for the ever-threatened point-of-view documentary.
Far from dying, the point-of-view documentary has found new vitality, a larger audience and a natural home in public broadcasting.
Point-of-View Series 3: "The Sales University is Dead - Long live the job-focused sales academy"
Point-of-View Series 4: "Skills Training Without Sales Process Integration - a recipe for 'lone wolf' behavior"
Point-of-View Series 5: "Marketing and Sales Alignment - Essential for world class training results"
Point-of-View Series 6: "The Media IS the message - optimizing the training mix is a critical consideration"
Pagano Schenck & Kay, a member of EPB Communications, is a creatively-acclaimed, national advertising agency known for its deftly applied craft and focus on giving brands a strong point-of-view.