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The speaker of the national assembly has commended role of the Police Forces in expanding security and the prevalence of stability and tranquility.
Amr Abdel Wahab, head of the public relations at Aswan Security Directorate, said that a group of armed men fired at the police forces at the checkpoint Saturday evening.
The source noted "Another police force carried out search-raid in Tabaj Village in the same district and discovered weapons and explosives cache".
A police force arrested a three-man gang, specialized in steeling civilian vehicles in al-Nada region in al-Saadiya district, south of Khanaqin," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
THE jobs of 25,000 police officers in England and Wales may be axed if the cost of police force mergers is to be met without extra funding, according to a confidential report.
We need police forces with the resources and capabilities to prevent and act against serious crime.
Government plans for a single Welsh police force would sting taxpayers, the Liberal Democrats claimed yesterday.
And he said he believed the right man to take over at the helm of an amalgamated North-east police force would be Cleveland's new Chief Constable Sean Price.
The city Housing Authority may be forced to disband its police force next year if Los Angeles leaders deny a $1.
Hani Al-Hiari, the endeavor of the Sudanese Police forces to increase its cooperation with the Jordanian Police in all the police domains.
Police forces had found a body of a girl buried in a deserted area in northern Kut.
Police forces confiscated two missiles launcher platforms in the main road between Kahla and Qalat Salih areas on Wednesday, media chief of Maysan police department colonel Sadiq Salam stated to NINA.

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