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The sergeant and the two policemen shied away from Kwaque; Miss Judson, with a smothered cry, clapped her two hands over her heart; and Dag Daughtry, shocked but sceptical, demanded:
Doctor Emory glanced warningly to Doctor Masters, and Doctor Masters glanced authoritatively at the sergeant who glanced commandingly at his two policemen.
The two policemen advanced on Daughtry and Kwaque with extended clubs.
At times there were six or eight policemen rolling on the pavement and under the waggon.
He dashed in suddenly, clutched two policemen in his arms, and hurled himself a prisoner to the pavement, his hold never relaxing on his two captors.
But the three policemen were flung far and wide, and Bill Totts, raining down lumps of coal, held the fort.
Dusk was deepening, and it was not easy even for the London policemen to guess in what exact direction they were treading.
Perhaps he had dragged the two English policemen to the wastes of a nocturnal heath on an errand no saner than seeking figs on its thistles.
Behind that tree," said Father Brown, pointing, "are two strong policemen and the greatest detective alive.
McMurdo turned and saw that one of the policemen had shifted in his seat and was staring out into the fiery waste.
The two policemen, heavy, good-natured men, were taken aback by the extraordinary vehemence with which their friendly advances had been rejected.
There was a murmur of sympathy and admiration from the miners at the dauntless demeanour of the newcomer, while the two policemen shrugged their shoulders and renewed a conversation between themselves.