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The general principles by which a government is guided in its management of public affairs, or the legislature in its measures. A general term used to describe all contracts of insurance.

As applied to a law, ordinance, or Rule of Law, the general purpose or tendency considered as directed to the welfare or prosperity of the state or community.


(Contract), noun agreement, arrangement, contractual obligation, contractual statement, insurance contract, legal document, mutual agreement, mutual underraking, obligation, pact, schedule, understanding
Associated concepts: insurance policy


(Plan of action), noun approach, consilium, course, course of action, course of conduct, doctrine, essablished order, fundamental principles, general guidelines, general principles, governing course of action, governing plan, governing principle, line, line of action, line of connuct, management, manner of proceeding, method, mode of management, party line, plan, plan of campaign, polity, prescribed form, principles, procedure, proposal, proposed action, proposition, rule of accion, scheme, stratagem, ways
Associated concepts: public policy
See also: course, direction, guide, platform, polity, practice, principle, procedure, process, program, rule, scheme, strategy, system

POLICY, PUBLIC. By public policy is meant that which the law encourages for the promotion of the public good.
     2. That which is against public policy is generally unlawful. For example, to restrain an individual from marrying, or from engaging in business, when the restraint is general, in the first case, to all persons, and, in the second, to all trades, business, or occupations. But if the restraint be only partial, as that Titius shall not marry Moevia, or that Caius shall not engage in a particular trade in a particular town or, place, the restraint is not against public policy,, and therefore valid. 1 Story, Eq. Jur. Sec. 274. See Newl. Contr. 472.

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A new individual-focused insurance programme will now cover medical expenses of policy holders incurred in Oman as well as in India.
In fact, policy holders switching their insurers within a year would lose, rather than gain.
For a total capital of about $400,000, the policy holder will get $600,000 plus profit after 20 years, if nothing happens to him.
WCF, a quasi-public corporation, has returned $302 million in dividends back to policy holders since 1992.
In the five years period from 2001-2004, the number of life insurance policy holders increased from year to year.
Liberty policy holders do not have merely a secondary financial interest in the manner in which UAB bills patients for cancer treatment.
At that juncture, according to Givens, Allstate switched the counsel representing its policy holder.
The only exception is where this, for commercial reasons, has been made an express condition of the policy and has been written into the insurance policy's terms and conditions to which the policy holder has been made aware.
We need to have some CLE effort for insurance defense lawyers so they can be zeroed in to the unique ethical concerns and conflicts that occur when they are assigned to represent a policy holder," Bianchi said.
Whatever happens, only with-profits policy holders (some with mortgages, others with pensions) own the company and would benefit.
com)-- Providing one complete solution for stressed and emotional policy holders who have experienced property related damage, the brand new Claim Care Central website is a huge milestone for the firm who began trading in 2004.
In contrast, conventional insurance policies shift the risk from the policy holder to the insurance firm.

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