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However, Mr Polites died in Australia last year, at the age of 60, after two years' of illness.
Geoff Polites was chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover between 2005 and 2008.
The parent company, the Ford Motor Company, said Mr Polites died after a two year illness.
Geoff Polites has a unique perspective on how Ford can become a more consumer-driven company.
Polites said the Nordstrom manager later explained that the flats that Polites had reduced to $49.
Mr Polites, credited with steering the business through its pounds 1 billion sale to Indian conglomerate Tata, died in his home country of Australia in April, aged 60.
Mr Polites died in his home country of Australia yesterday after battling a serious illness for the past two years.
Mr Polites said that Land Rover was working on lowering carbon dioxide emissions through improved engine management, reduced weight and other measures.
Geoff Polites said he was optimistic even if Ford goes ahead with its decision to offload the companies as it looks to tackle losses which reached EUR12.
THE boss of Jaguar and Land Rover, Geoff Polites, confirmed that "nothing has been ruled in or out" in the fight to secure the future of the troubled firm.
1] Ornate rooms signaled wealth and taste, and therefore social superiority, as the wealthy invested their objects and their homes with meanings, expressed through an encoded polite behavior, which, it has been argued, sharpened class distinctions.