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Political conservatism is often a right-wing agenda influencing the State, usually in collusion with non-progressive religious forces which often has negatively impacted on women's rights, especially in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights.
Political conservatism, in other words, triumphed because Reagan, who understood the importance of symbols, denounced the events that had clashed with postwar idealizations and reaffirmed an older notion, dating to his own youth, of California as the promised land.
The beaches haven't washed away, nor have the pockets of political conservatism or the illusion of a sybaritic lifestyle.
George is all humility, self-discipline, rigour, monogamy and political conservatism, while Guy is alcoholic, promiscuous, Marxist, gay, arrogant and self-destructive.
The authors do, indeed, assume that religion could and did act as a major force for political conservatism.
Balaguer represented a brand of political conservatism that has largely disappeared from Latin America in the current age of technocrats and economic neoliberalism.
The notion that equality is a western idea that promotes the individual at the expense of the group is a lame defense for the social and political conservatism of a movement that equates change and evolution with colonialism.
But whatever their chances, the three Republicans could have a useful debate, now threatened by the Clinton static, about the future of their party and political conservatism.
It is precisely this kind of "telling" that many reviewers - some of whom were Leftists anyway - seized upon as evidence of a diminishing poetic talent whose political conservatism was out of step with current thought.
Two criticisms have dogged Tom Stoppard's career, one in regard to his political conservatism and his avoidance of political involvement in his plays, and the other concerning the absence of emotionally satisfying characters.
In attacking the political conservatism of the mainstream, the grass-roots environmentalists are not themselves lapsing into environmental conservatism.