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The political conservatism question used five response choices: "very conservative/right-wing," "conservative," "moderate," "liberal," and "very liberal/left-wing.
Education level, political conservatism, and LGB interpersonal contact met the a priori decision rule and were included as covariates for the ANCOVA analysis.
Comment: The researchers point out that the content of sex education courses were greatly influenced by the state characteristics and so it may be the level of religiosity and political conservatism that influence both the sex education classes and the teen birthrate.
Thus, Oakeshott's understanding of political conservatism, though certainly in conflict with Kristol's neoconservatism and the suprahistorical conception of America that it embraces, is not, ultimately, at odds with the historically centered--and accu-rate--interpretation of America shared by Burke and (of all people
They find that political conservatism is positively correlated with the following: death anxiety, intolerance of ambiguity, the need for structure and closure, and the fear of threat and loss.
public defenders versus police), income, education, national origin, gender role attitudes, and political conservatism (see Sidanius & Pratto, 1999, table 10.
While political conservatism is founded upon deep and enduring truths, political conservatism itself is a political movement that arose in response to certain conditions and that must fade with those conditions.
Regrettably, however, his passion generates stray voltage as his manuscript degenerates into an attack on the Bush administration's Iraq war policy, and further regresses into an assault on the Bush administration generally, political conservatism, and the Christian right.
Political Science 399 examined American political conservatism in an exhaustive, open and encouraging manner.
Gerson is the author of Heroic Conservatism, published by the CFR, which attempts to redefine political conservatism into a philosophical view that promotes government as the solution to poverty, rather than the traditional conservative view that individual charity, private charitable organizations, churches, and the free market are better fitted for assisting and uplifting those in need.
The tabloid that shifted toward political conservatism under the brief ownership of Rupert Murdoch more than two decades ago now says that it is "rethinking our stance on several issues, including the most pressing issue facing Americans today: Bush's war in Iraq.