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Citizen Help Map: can plot any of 10 different political districts and 13 different types of public buildings as well as provide tools to search the county for these services.
Since then, EPUD has tried on multiple occasions to true up the boundaries through annexation of the properties outside our political district.
Proposition 77 would turn drawing political district maps for members of Congress and the state Legislature over to three retired judges - instantly making these unelected partisans three of the most powerful political players in the country.
SALEM - Secretary of State Kate Brown ruled Monday that voters won't be deciding this fall whether to shift the task of redrawing political district boundaries from the Legislature to a panel of retired judges.
A fourth would shift the task of redrawing political district boundaries from the Legislature to an appointed commission.
Ultimately, negotiations could hinge not on whether all parties can agree on the three measures the governor has actually placed on the ballot - initiatives to control state spending, redraw political district lines and adjust teacher-tenure rules - but on whether an agreement can be reached on a fourth proposition the governor did not propose and has yet to weigh in on.
Drawing clever political districts is one way politicians in Texas and elsewhere avoid accountability - by protecting themselves from voters who disagree with them.
The Citywide Social Survey polled 630 randomly selected respondents aged 18 to 86 in the city's three political districts from Oct.
Gerrymandering is when political districts are drawn to give one party a numeric advantage over another.
In packing, legislators from the party drawing the map try to pack likely opposition voters into as few political districts as possible.
They promised us politics would be removed from the process of redistricting political districts.
Among the 11 political districts of the city, seven of them have accumulated the amount of P1,115,161,330.

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