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DYNASTY. A succession of kings in the same line or family; government; sovereignty.

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Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul attended the swearing-in ceremony in the state's winter capital Jammu, two heirs of another political dynasty with whom the Abdullah family has a checkered history since 1947.
The Clintons will be another US family political dynasty, if Hillary wins the glittering prize of the presidency later this year.
What they don't know - but viewers will - is that the two will grow up to head a powerful political dynasty in the middle of the 21st century.
He went on to take over the mantle of the political dynasty following his mother's assassination in 1984.
American Dynasty begins by examining the origins of the Bush political dynasty, to Prescott Bush--George I's father and Connecticut senator--and even more to the Walker family, a major force on Wall Street in the early part of the twentieth century.
As the head of state and inheritor of a powerful political dynasty, she is in a unique position to speak on behalf of everyone who serves or who has served in the government and to ask that those who committed atrocities in the past be forgiven.
com in anticipation of the release of the new Jennifer Lopez film, "Maid in Manhattan," in which J-Lo stars as a hotel maid who starts dating a wealthy member of a New York political dynasty.
In The Chambermaid, Lopez plays the title character - a streetwise independent single mother mistaken for someone of a higher social status by the handsome heir to an American political dynasty.
Powell chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Washington insiders were talking about the creation of the latest political dynasty.
In the romantic comedy "Chambermaid," Lopez stars as an independent, single mother living in the Bronx who falls in love with the handsome, debonair heir to an American political dynasty while working as a maid at a first-class Manhattan hotel.
With the Congress campaign flailing with just over two weeks to go, another Gandhi, Rahul's sister Priyanka, has stepped up to lead a fightback by India's most famed political dynasty.
In only his third news conference in a decade, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that Mr Gandhi - the 43-year-old heir to India's Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty - has the best credentials to become the next head of the Congress Party and prime minister of the world's biggest democracy.

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