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As a political institution, it has skillfully mobilized its constituencies over the last 80 years to oppose any intrusion on its mystique.
The stable outlook balances our view of the Government's fiscal flexibility and the advantages of UAE membership against its underdeveloped and highly centralized political institutions and the limited availability of timely economic data.
Building political institutions is the answer to many problems that Egypt has faced over the course of its first transitional period; there is no need to make the same mistakes over and over again.
Improving political institutions may be a prerequisite for further economic reform in some countries and could ensure that they are not stuck in transition
Based on 15 years of research, the book points to "extractive" economic and political institutions that concentrate power in the hands of a few, are heavily regulated, and lack law and order and checks.
Beck Publishing, Bucharest 2007 to mention only this) in the 468 pages of the paper, issues on the General theory of the State (Part I) and The Regime of the Political institutions (Part II).
The authors show with the help of substantial historical evidence that man-made economic and political institutions matter for the vast differences in the level of economic development among countries.
This group has a steering committee and specialised scientific committees, including those of political institutions and democratic transition, health, information technologies and education.
The survey, which can be answered in 5-10 minutes, seeks the opinions of PR professionals working in companies, associations, political institutions, and other organisations, as well as in communication consultancies.
AL Hamar thanked the US Ambassador and underlined the depth of Bahraini-US relations, expressing desire for closer cooperation between BIPD and the US specialized political institutions through exchange of expertise, lectures, workshops and visits.
Martin McGuinness said he had told Gordon Brown that the DUP was now in breach of the agreements that established the political institutions.
Abu Zayd views the conflict between 'ulama and intellectuals as one emanating from an inability to keep the authorities of political institutions and religious institutions apart.