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Political jokes are subversive; they strip away the nearly royal aura of dignity in which politicians like to shroud themselves and expose them as flawed humans.
President Barack Obama and Anthony Weiner topped the list of political joke targets, the analysis released by George Mason University's Center for Media and Public Affairs found.
Chinese authorities have detained a Twitter user in the country for posting a political joke in the run-up to the government's leadership change earlier this month, according to backers of a petition demanding his release.
The author's discussion of the gender roles, sexual preferences, and occupational/religious expectations of Jewish men and women (113-153) is also exceptionally compelling due to the sheer breadth of source material and Davies's provocative interpretations, as is his inquiry into why political jokes about the Soviet Union managed to persist among those living behind the Iron Curtain, and why those jokes were especially meaningful to those joke tellers under the control of totalitarianism (213-252).
The most convincing proof in this respect is the flourishing production of political jokes.
Arab cartoonists have their own websites now, Facebook groups and pages dedicated to wild cartoons, political jokes and funny Flash cartoons.
Probably the best and most imaginative political jokes, like the one already cited, are emerging from the Middle East and North Africa at the moment.
Yet, their unfunny political jokes still come out, the last of which being the "silly joke" made by the Foreign Minister Lieberman, when he incited the US Congress to discuss the human rights conditions in Saudi Arabia.
Similarly, political jokes, it is argued, offer their tellers and listeners a brief respite from the realities of everyday life, a moment when they feel that they (rather than the authorities) are in control.
Forty years ago, no one would have dared utter the political jokes disseminated today by text messaging on millions of mobile phones--not even in the privacy of one's own bedroom.
Aram Saroyan occasionally e-mails political jokes to me
Anyway here's a few political jokes that managed to stick in Bright's addled mind.