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As long as Turks do not build an effective political machine that has credibility in the voters' eyes, it will be difficult to break the dominance of the AKP.
The institution-builders in and around the Democratic Party will pull out all stops to urge the activists who mobilized against Bush to throw themselves back into action--continuing to mobilize against Bush's judicial nominations, which will remain blockable; into the congressional and senatorial races of 2006; into local and statewide party campaigns where political machines are built and alliances refined.
To do so, they hope to repeal the federal ban of church electioneering and create a church-based political machine that controls politics throughout the country.
If today's GOP leaders put as much energy into shaping K Street as their predecessors did into selecting judges and executive-branch nominees, it's because lobbying jobs have become the foundation of a powerful new force in Washington politics: a Republican political machine.
Let's not make it easier for the political machines to increase taxes on our homes when the current system is working well.
Observed Lynn, "TV preachers and their special interest groups want to turn America's churches into a powerful political machine and undermine the principle of church-state separation.
So Barry built an old-fashioned race-based political machine, hiring thousands of people, agreeing to spectacularly generous union work rules and handing out contracts to friends and supporters.
A decade after creating a Religious Right political machine, TV preacher Pat Robertson walks away from the Christian Coalition
Now, I realize that when most people think of big-city political machines, they think of sleek fat men smoking cigars and striking deals-of governments that were even less responsive to the people, not more.
Americans United has submitted volumes of evidence to the IRS documenting the Coalition's political character, Lynn said, including a tape of a closed-door Robertson speech in which the TV preacher called on the group's state leaders to emulate Tammany Hall, one of the most corrupt political machines of American history.
Nathan, an American scholar, offers a vision of what Chinese democracy might become--very messy and constrained, but still stumbling in the direction the rest of the world is travelling: "Its prominent features are likely to include a single dominant party descended from the Communists, a fractionated opposition, a turbulent parliament, noisy elections, local political machines, competition for resources among provinces and regions, angry rhetoric, and frequent strikes and demonstrations.
Outlining strategy for the 1998 and 2000 elections, the TV preacher called on the affiliates to emulate Tammany Hall and other political machines of American history.