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It is scandalous to cause such collateral damage to the Turkish economy simply in order to hinder political opponents.
He said people of Pakistan had rejected politics of agitation and sit ins and participation of hundreds of thousands of people in PMLN rallies addressed by former PM Nawaz Sharif in Peshawar, Haripur, Jaranwala and Abbottabad have unnerved the political opponents and these mass rallies signified rapid increase in popularity of PMLN .
He strongly criticized the political opponents, saying that if there was any confusion, then it should be cleared from Lodhran Election after PML-N victory.
Our party would try to avoid falling into the traps, including criticism of state institutions, set by political opponents to sabotage the democratic process, he added.
Represented by the State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Otunba Dayo Adeneye, he denied this, regretting that a deliberate attempt was being made by political opponents to rubbish the effort of his administration particularly in the social media.
In a press release, the party affirmed its rejection of the attempts to "politicise" justice in general and military justice in particular to "persecute" political opponents.
She stated that massive love for Nawaz Sharif has instilled fear in the political opponents.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 21 (ANI): The Congress has disapproved and rejected its online magazine's derogatory tweet attacking PM Narendra Modi, saying that the party's culture imbibed respect for the prime minister and all political opponents.
Yellow refers to the political color of the LP, Duterte's political opponents.
Russia and Iran are among countries increasingly abusing Interpol red notices to seek the arrest of political opponents, European lawmakers charged last Wednesday, citing a five-fold increase in the number of red notices over the past decade.
The accusation that the Obama administration used information gleaned from classified foreign surveillance to smear and blackmail its political opponents at home has gained new traction in recent days, after reports that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice may have been rifling through classified transcripts for over a year that could have included information about Donald Trump and his associates.
Senator Saeed Ghani in a statement on Sunday said that Shahbaz Sharif should remember his past before issuing certificates of treason against his political opponents.