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Poland's foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that the liberation and participation in politics of all political prisoners in Belarus was a prerequisite for EU resumption of dialogue with authorities in Belarus.
Amnesty International also condemned the crackdown and called for the release of political prisoners.
Human rights advocates said earlier this week that Cuba had 167 political prisoners, including 10 who were out on parole.
Estimated total number of female political prisoners in Soviet-occupied Poland from 1945 to 1958: 5,000-6,000.
The essay on political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, in particular, is not strongly woven into the overall structure of the book.
With the adoption of this prodeath position on May 28, 2006, Amnesty International contradicts its original purpose of rescuing political prisoners especially from death penalties.
Still, the end of the official dictatorship was "a beautiful time when so many political prisoners returned," says Federico Gomensoro, president of AFCASMU, one of the largest private-sector health care unions in the country.
Nazis establish the first concentration camps for political prisoners.
Political Prisoners on War, Dissent, and Social Justice," which was held at Brown University.
In 1976, while in San Quentin prison in California, Bottom launched the National Prisoners Campaign to petition the UN to recognize the existence of political prisoners in the United States.
Shaikh Ali Sadr Al Din Al Bayanuni, a senior official of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, welcomes the release of political prisoners by the authorities but says that more needs to be done.