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Conservatives' political reaction to all of the above has been outrage.
Despite this criticism, New Guests of the Irish Nation is well written, thoroughly researched and provides a clear understanding of the political reaction to immigration.
On these issues, Kaufman includes much on the domestic political reaction and the growing importance of Congress, but he could have paid greater attention to the international reaction and the impact on America's standing in the world.
ones of sustained low growth turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy, and/or inducing a political reaction that could undermine our long-run stability and prosperity.
And while there's no doubt that Laws had to fall on his sword, it's the political reaction from the new government which should give us cause to worry.
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Chief executive Paul Walsh was said to have been shocked by the political reaction to the announcement to axe the whisky workers and slammed the "intrusion" by MSPs in the row.
The real stress test is for the future when the shrinking of economies translates into unemployment and social hardship and that translates into a political reaction that could influence trade policy.
the Reversal of Cause and Effect," founding editor Lanny Friedlander described the political reaction to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy: "Gun laws, we find them screeching, from every radio received, gun laws, gun laws, gun laws
Every government tries to anticipate political reaction before making a decision.
Any attempt to link such things to the causes of the English Civil War necessarily requires more space to out how specifically these factors trigger political reaction at the level of king and parliament.
When Plach mentions their attacks on Sanacja she tends to present them as the illegitimate voice of political reaction against the progressive trends of Sanacja, reflecting more the perception of Sanacja itself than the judgment of a neutral analyst.