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2000, Ramli has been a political reformer and a prominent economist.
Haider also ran as a political reformer, railing against the cozy relationship between the Social Democratic Party and the People's Party, which had ruled Austria for most of the postwar period and was characterized by rampant political patronage.
Mr Blair said yesterday: "We are pleased at the choice because he is an economic and political reformer.
Because he was a political reformer, he also wanted to use the Republican party as an instrument of change.
As Erdman had before him, Keane is right to argue that Coleridge's evocation of a persecutory nature harassing an existentially guilt-ridden mariner has a great deal to do with Coleridge's real fears of political persecution and the possibility that it would be his own destiny to peer through a very literal dungeon grate as it had been the fate of his friend, the political reformer John Thelwall, during the Treason Trials of 1794.
Besides honoring the 19th-century French scientist and political reformer Francois Arago, the "longest sculpture in Paris," as Dibbets calls it, offers those armed with the list of medallion locations a magnificent pretext for walking through six of the city's arrondissements and centuries of its history.
A veteran political reformer and civil-rights supporter, defender of labor unions and family farms, and backer of single-payer health-care reform, Simon has proven that progressives can win in Illinois.
The initial chapter sketches Brennan's family background and his father's career as a labor and political reformer.
Such protests in the states of San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato two years ago effectively ended Salinas' honeymoon as a political reformer.
A judge and prophet, the religious and political reformer of early Israel, after whom are named two books of the Old Testament.
Secor relates the painful reflections of Saeed Hajjarian, a founding father of the Islamic Republic's dark intelligence ministry who became a dogged political reformer.
But before then, he became a congressman and senator, showing an unexpected and unheralded side to him as a social and political reformer, especially his championing of the cooperative movement.