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Bengal CM gives a political spin to Kolkata team's IPL triumph by tom- toming the win as if it was an achievement of her govt
Let's get it into prospective, and stop all the political spin and trade union bluff.
Vikki Yale It could just be political spin and PR by an MP who's afraid he'll lose the animal lovers' votes after he asked that his wife didn't get a jail sentence.
He said in a statement it was based on "misleading facts, blatant lies and political spin about Jerusalem, so I'm sure the UN will enjoy it.
The real reasons for crime are past failure in education, parenting, poverty in our towns and cities, socio-economic divide, media violence and political spin doctoring policies in public life and failure in local resources.
OXFORD, England, May 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Rather than decide on future leaders by the colour of their tie, a new GCSE exam unit will teach future voters to make a hard-headed analysis of spoken language used in the media, including the carefully crafted rhetoric peddled by political spin doctors.
His reaction, rude or not, indicates that beneath the political spin, is the beating heart of genuine emotion.
Those numbers tell a grim tale of Los Angeles' finances that can't be obscured by any fancy political spin.
My temperature soars, I've cold clammy skin I'm sick to my stomach of political spin.
Away from the predictable murk of political spin, commercial PR has mirrored Central Europe's economic performance.
Dear Editor, Is the election of new Speaker Mr Bercow any more than political spin from all the politicians, not especially relevant, with or without a wig, because as the last one pointed out it was the MPs who voted down proposals from the Public Estimates Committee that expenses should no longer be vetted internally.
The initial impact of the debate -- and perhaps more importantly, the political spin in the days after -- on voter preferences will be apparent in the next few days of Gallup Poll Daily tracking, with Tuesday's report the first for which all interviews will be conducted after the debate.