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He indicated that "there are objective alternatives that would realize our goals", stressing the privilege of following the mixed political system which would realize justice and give opportunity to the parties to participate in the parliament, asserting that the political process in the country requires treatments.
Since then, the arguments on the change of the political system may be divided into three phases.
The lecture was a addressed by Oubaid Al-Oubaidly who talked about the development of the modern political system in Bahrain.
Such is the importance given to performance in the political system that apathy to political norms of policy and service has become the existential norm - we, the people, never having known anything else.
Understanding the functioning of political systems, and the related sequential process of risk formation, may assist firms in developing and executing appropriate risk management policies.
Amid structural changes in the international political system, political regimes in the Arab world have changed into a tool for control, organization and management.
Her experience of the political system on both sides of the Atlantic will be a great asset in her work for the AOP and for the sector as a whole.
This is why the special interests have come to dominate our political system at all levels, whether it's unions securing unaffordable contracts in City Hall or corporations calling the shots on Capitol Hill.
The aim of this paper is to clarify what is meant by the entropy of a political system and apply the definition to the analysis of dynamic change in political systems.
We are far from a consensus view within our own political systems on what the defense industrial role should be in supporting our international security strategies.
Japan's current economic and political systems date back to its defeat in World War II when the U.