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Part I of this Review provides an overview of Scalia and Garner's vision of textualism and its rivals, and describes the conventional view that textualism skews toward politically conservative outcomes.
With respect to such entities as the coal and gas producers and the politically conservative movement of the United States for all too many years there was a state of denial with respect to the presence of global warming.
In Malaysia the Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) is politically Islamic, but allied with non Muslim ethnic minorities and parties in a rainbow coalition to promote economic and social reform in a majority Muslim society and to contest the 50 year monopoly of national political power of the politically conservative United Malays National Organization (UMNO).
In other words, they shun those that they consider to be politically conservative or moderate, preferring those whose political beliefs fall on the liberal side of the political spectrum," the suit contends.
While many party activists are excited by what they see as a politically conservative, ''maverick'' pick that allows McCain to live up to his image and also appeal to women -- a key voting bloc -- Palin has been careful in addressing foreign policy issues that have not typically been a central part of her gubernatorial agenda.
Religious people are far more likely than secularists to be politically conservative.
Manchester attorney Ed Mosca has long been associated with politically conservative causes, most notably in his opposition to judicial lawmaking by the New Hampshire Supreme Court in the Claremont school-funding decisions.
Carter left the Southern Baptists in 2000 after the denomination came under the control of leaders considered politically conservative.
How did such a permissive, even licentious, culture emerge in an increasingly politically conservative country?
The 30 percent of men who embrace risk are much more politically conservative than other men or most women, and according to a health study cited by Edsall, "hold very different attitudes, characterized by trust in institutions and authorities and by anti-egalitarianism.
One would expect these people to be culturally and politically conservative, yet they voted for the New Deal, participated in a general strike for union recognition in 1937, and fought the company so insistently in the mid-40s that Fine titles one section "the Long Wildcat Strike, 1943-1947.
The donors include five secular foundations that have contributed heavily to politically conservative advocacy groups, publications, and think tanks, and one individual, savings and loan heir Howard F.

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