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The place where voters cast their ballots. Heads; individuals; persons singly considered.

An objection to a particular juror is called a challenge to the poll, as distinguished from a challenge to the array or panel, which is opposition to the jury as an entity, based on a universal defect among the jurors.

POLLS. The place where electors cast in their votes.

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Besen says if more polls were to replicate the finding that friends and relatives of gays are no more likely than others to support gay rights laws, "then we would have to take a hard look at it.
The artists, trained in conspiratorial techniques, realize that the only way to speak publicly about art, at least in American society, is by speaking about polls.
Esther Dyson, a long-time industry analyst and an investor in Vizu added, "Vizu Answers got my attention as 'user-generated polls.
LANCASTER - Service clubs can better serve their communities - and earn money as well - by helping provide election poll workers.
2 Avoid the Crowds If you can, go to the polls during off hours: 10 a.
The polls are clear about what is dragging Bush down: the Iraq War.
Announcing that one ignores polls, then, is an easy way of conveying an impression of leadership, judgment, and substance.
Further, he had stated that elections in NA-38 constituency could not be held due to worsening law and order situation and added that polls would be held as soon as law and order situation was improved.
With such close poll results, both sides agree voter turnout will be key and have engaged in grass-roots campaigns to get supporters to the polls.
That means that if a person shows up at the polls on Election Day anywhere in the U.
News featured him on their covers; he led the polls in Iowa.
He, however, added that polls would be held as soon as law and order situation was improved.