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POLYANDRY. The state of a woman who has several husbands.
     2. Polyandry is legalized only in Tibet. This is inconsistent with the law of nature. Vide Law of Nature.

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First, I will briefly describe the practice of fraternal polyandry in Tibet, identifying its central features and also teasing out the principal reasons why this form of marriage has continued into the twenty-first century.
As the trio gears up for the marriage, several reactions and connotations have surfaced over the case of Polyandry which is uncommon.
You are in Jaunsar-Bawar, the tribal valley that is famous or infamous -- depending on whether you are for or against puritans -- for its tradition of polyandry and polygamy.
Polyandry has been fairly rare, practiced primarily in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan.
She asked Lakes state lawmakers why they had created this law but not established laws against polygamy, polyandry and the marriage of underage girls to older men, which see said was present in the community.
Among the 13 papers here are discussions of ancient Greek polyandry as reflected in the mythic/epic tradition, a second preliminary report on archaeological field work in ancient Kalydon during 2005, Macedonian craftsmanship in Crimean tombs from the late fourth to the early third centuries BC, identifying incubation areas in pagan and early Christian times, and Eustathios of Thessaloniki on Homer's similes as an example of Homeric listeners in Byzantium.
That is, the practice of polygymy and polyandry are relatively rare.
Many other issues implicate complex relationships between autonomy and respect for basic goods--whether the state should recognize and endorse conjugal monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, or same-sex marriage; coercive taxation to subsidize art museums, climatology studies, or embryo-destructive stem-cell research; the extent and nature of compulsory education.
The authors acknowledge that the preconceived notions the general public holds towards swingers and other individuals participating in alternative lifestyles such as open marriages, polyamory, and polyandry are that persons engaging in such practices are distasteful and undermine the traditional monogamous family unit that has been held as ideal for decades.
Polyandry in social Hymenoptera-disunity in diversity?
Flag Of Honour 4g Alhaarth - Polyandry D T Hughes U12037-RPR 128h There's possibly a good handicap in him.