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Reporter Phillip O'Connor wrote this about the shortcomings of the sheriff's investigation: "A sheriff's deputy allowed Miles, 25, to wash her hands before a gun residue test that proved inconclusive; a polygraph test was never administered; and a deputy who was a former roommate of Miles' was allowed to work the crime scene.
The rule should permit an accused to introduce the facts surrounding his polygraph test as part of the totality of the circumstances inquiry into the voluntariness of his post-polygraph admissions.
OSI asked Scheffer to submit to a polygraph test, and he agreed.
A potential employer says you have to take a "simple" polygraph test before being considered for the job.
After passing the polygraph test he said: "I can go to my grave saying I'm an innocent man.
The Delhi Police has approached a city court for permission to carry out polygraph test on Narain Singh, who is domestic help of Sunanda's husband and Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, driver Bajrangi and family friend Sanjay Dewan.
The subprime mortgage crisis, which led to the housing bubble bust and global collapse of financial markets in 2008, illustrates the value of a preventive polygraph test.
KUNDA MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiyya's silence and high pulse rate during a recent polygraph test have bolstered the CBI's hope of discovering some solid evidence in the Nanhe Yadav murder case.
Mani was yesterday served notice by the Kerala police to appear for a polygraph test.
Loner Bryson originally denied being involved but was arrested after failing a polygraph test.
A polygraph test screened live on Spanish TV backed her insistence Becks did cheat on wife Victoria with her.
Tour de France winner Floyd Landis had an opportunity to take a polygraph test with John Grogan, who owns a polygraph business in Woodland Hills, on ``The Adam Carolla Radio Show'' on Tuesday morning.